Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Andy Kershaw: Released into mother's custody

High Bailiff Michael Moyle, The judge who heard Andy Kershaw's case yesterday has cut him some slack, granting him a suspended sentence for the latest bout of harassment of his former partner, and strongly advising he moves in with his mother.

Kershaw's brief told the court that he'd suffered an "emotional meltdown" at the weekend. Moyle accepted the defence and told Kershaw:

Look at you, you look awful. I would encourage you to look at yourself long and hard. You must be breaking the heart of your mother and sister.

"You drink to excess and you can't accept that Mr Imrie is the man of Miss Banner's choice, not you.

"On the clear understanding you will leave the Isle of Man forthwith, I'm prepared to give you one final chance.

"I'm not banning you from the island, I merely suggest you take a considerable break in the company of your family."

Simply relocating to Manchester might not be enough, of course, but it might be a step in the right direction.