Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Daily Mail confused by DRM-free tracks

Reporting that Warners are making DRM-free albums available for a fiver, the Mail gets a little confused, suggesting that the label is looking for a "price war" with Apple.

Even although the majors have been trying to get Apple to charge more, not less, and the idea is not to start a price war but to try and loosen Apple's dominance in the marketplace.

And that the lower price is only going to apply to 150 albums, and nobody buys whole albums as downloads anyway, it's not likely Steve Jobs is going to be that worried.

Oh, and as the Mail recognises:

But the new files can be played on everything from iPods to mobile phones.

So there's more places to buy songs which play on iPods - which are the main focus of Apple's efforts. It's not like Warners are locking their stuff into PlaysForSure only devices.