Saturday, March 01, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Moss chucks Monkeys

More fallout from the night of the NME awards in the 3AM column, with the gossipoids revealing that there's a pop group that Kate Moss won't touch:

Kate Moss has Arctic Monkeys thrown out of Punk club

She had them thrown out of the club?
The Croydon-born supermodel had them thrown out of an exclusive awards afterparty at Punk on Thursday - for not being famous enough.

Not out of the club, then, but out of the party?
"At the VIP area the Arctics were pushed away. The drummer Matt Helders started having a row with Moss and her people.

"But she didn't care. She kept saying, 'They're not coming in. This is my VIP area I don't want them in here'. Matt had to slope off to the bar with the rest of the great unwashed."

Ah. So, then, the headline should have been 'Kate Moss has Arctic Monkeys asked to stand somewhere else', then.