Monday, March 24, 2008

Diana concert: What happened to the money?

You'll remember the Diana concert last year - no, no, you're thinking of the Live Earth one. This was the other one. The fundraiser. It pulled in something over a million quid.

So, how's the distribution of the cash been going?

Not well, according to the Mail:

Last week, the organisation's first audited accounts to the Charity Commission were revealed.

They show that despite raising £1.15million from sales of the documentary, last year's star-studded Concert for Diana in Wembley Stadium, charity polo matches and other donations, just £84,000 was handed over to projects such as children's homes, clinics and counselling centres in the first 18 months of the charity's operations.

Over the same period, £472,000 went on staff salaries, setting up an office in Lesotho, buying vehicles, creating a website and other activities.

The official explanation from Clarence House is that it doesn't want to be seen to be "splashing cash about". Except on salaries, of course.