Friday, March 21, 2008

Embed and breakfast man: Catatonia

It's with some surprise that we realised we'd never spent some time trawling through YouTube to find stuff by Catatonia for your visual delight. So, what better way than to embark on the Bank Holiday weekend than looking at Cerys Matthews when she wasn't mentioned in the same breath as Matthew Bannerman.

Let's start, paradoxically, at the end, with the last Catatonia promo - for Stone By Stone, the only track that the label bothered releasing off the slightly underwhelming Paper Scissors Stone:

More videos across the next day or so
What Have I Done To Deserve This - Cerys joins the Pet Shop Boys at Glastonbury
I Am The Mob - live at Reading 1999
Nothing Hurts - live on the Hootenanny
Lost Cat
I Keep A Close Watch with John Cale
Bleed - live on Later with Jools Holland
Mulder And Scully - on Top Of The Pops

Buy some stuff
Way Beyond Blue - essential
International Velvet - desirable
Equally Cursed And Blessed - formidable
Paper Scissors Stone - forgivable


muse-ic said...

To be fair, they had announced Is Everybody Here On Drugs? as the next single, but then they split. The third single was going to be Godspeed.

I love the PSS album

Chris Brown said...

Cheers - I'd never seen that video before. Admittedly it's not much cop but I think the song was a bit underrated.

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