Saturday, March 22, 2008

Catatonia Bank Holiday: Lost Cat

An early promo video now:

[Part of the Catatonia Bank Holiday]


James said...

Crumbs, you're making me nostalgic for the Chart Show here. I'm sure the last time I saw this video, it was with 'Number 31 Chart Breaker' graphics all over it.

Loving Catatonia Weekend so far, by the way. Stone By Stone was brilliant, wasn't it? Shame Valerian never came out as a single, that was v. special.

simon h b said...

One of the great lost skills of our age is watching the top ten run down on The Chart Show and accurately predicting which videos were going to be rewound to for a showing in full...

James said...

Ah yes, it's a dying art. It became easier in later episodes, of course - If the clip of a song started with the first verse, you knew it was time to unpause the tape recorder next to the TV speaker.

This chap has put lots of old episodes up on Youtube, if you're ever in the mood for some pop nostalgia and high-tech graphics (Warning: May contain traces of Roachford).

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