Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poor Soulja Boy insists he's misunderstood

Soulja Boy is worried we'll get the wrong idea about him:

"They've got it all wrong. People like to say my songs are sexual and that really gets to me," he told Hot TV magazine. "That could hurt my reputation and affect the future of my career. People are just misinterpreting the lyrics."


Here's the first verse of Soulja's Blow My Booty Hoe. We shan't pass any judgement, lest we skew your opinion one way or another:
im lookin fo misses supa sweet
im mr booty meat i wanna sket sket sket (oh)
between yo teeth hoes call me soulja boy cause my dick so large
i can fuck you from da back
in da middle of da yard hoe
im fo real naw dis shit aint fake
happy birthday bitch
come get yo bithday cake
i know what i mean
i aint make no mistakes
let me hit it from da back
den we head to da place

It's absurd that people might think "I've got a massive cock and can fuck you from the back of the garden" could be interpreted in a sexual way. How twisted people can be, eh?

Soulja also worries that the whole calling women "hoes" might reflect badly on him, making him look like a prick or something:
"That's how I was raised, but it's not something I'm proud of," he explained. "Since I've been in the music industry I've learnt from older people that it's not good to talk like that. I'm more careful now."

Oddly, though, having learned that calling women hoes is deeply unpleasant - and you can see why it might take a while for that to occur - Soulja has yet to have any regrets about the second verse of that tune, and in particular this bit:
i will rape dat hoe man
we ready to go satrt da car
and we gon go bitch wanna
go den she can go
when she get to my house
imma fuck dat hoe

Presumably he's yet to meet someone old enough to explain that promising to rape women isn't anything to be proud of, either.