Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fields Of Rock cancelled as big names dry up

The over-demand for headline names has led to the axing of this year's Fields Of Rock festival in the Netherlands. Organisers had begun selling tickets in the hope that someone might want to take the top slots, but have now decided to just refund everyone's cash and spend the weekend digging the vegetable patch instead:

"Because of the lack of headliners leading to disappointing ticket sales, we are very sorry to inform you that Fields of Rock 2008 is cancelled. This very difficult decision was made because it wouldn't have been wise to continue with this edition of the Fields of Rock festival both financially and creatively. We offer our sincere apologies to Fields of Rock visitors who had already bought their tickets for this edition. Tickets for Fields of Rock 2008 can be returned until 1 July.

"About 35 bands were [secheduled] to perform at Fields of Rock 2008. This year, the organisation also made an extra investment to enhance the festival's atmosphere and fringe programme. This meant Fields of Rock was heading for a new direction. Unfortunately, the major headliners, the artists who attract large numbers of visitors, weren't available for the weekend of 20, 21, and 22 of June. Although the organisation had been working on a great programme since the fall of 2007, it appears Fields of Rock doesn't fit the touring schedules of the big bands. Therefore, the decision to cancel the festival was made out of necessity rather than by choice."

This isn't the first festival to be scuppered by the soaring number of slots chasing a diminishing number of acts - surely there needs to be a government intervention to prop up the festival market? Aren't they keeping REO Speedwagon and Lulu in reserve for just such a crisis?