Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Is everybody here on Droogs?

The Daily Mail suggests that Kelly Osbourne is styling herself after a bit of the old ultraviolence:

Kelly Osbourne is famous for her quirky fashion - and her latest outfit is no exception.

The 23-year-old stepped out in LA in black bowler hat seemingly inspired by A Clockwork Orange's anti-hero Alex DeLarge, a bright aqua shirt and matching 80s shades.

Hang about... a brightly coloured shirt and a bowler? That's not A Clockwork Orange... that's the Bradford and Bingley ads, isn't it?

Meanwhile, Kelly has been chatting with Lily and you know what, what Lily says is soooo true:
: “Lily Allen said something that was so right. She said, 'Kelly, I don't know why you consistently go out with young boys. You won't find what you're looking for. Mentally, physically, they don't understand our lifestyle, they just read about it in magazines.'

"I was like, yes! Recently, I've started to find older men attractive."

'Physically, they don't understand your lifestyle'? Eh? And I might be a little slow here, but in what way does 'being young' (Kelly is all of 23, remember) mean that you by definition won't have a 'lifestyle' like Allen and Osbourne? (lifestyle here meaning 'a career built on parent's fame' we suspect.) And why would being a little older make you more likely to "mentally understand" the lifestyle anyway?

Not that moving onto older men is helping Kelly:
"But it's hard for me. When I meet someone I genuinely like, they're usually either gay or they have a wife or girlfriend. And I'm not going to go there."

Darndest thing... they always say they're gay or married. Or sometimes they just say they only speak Polish and walk away backwards. One man claimed he was actually a standard lamp. But normally, it turns out they're gay or married.