Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lily Allen: Heart and glass

James P draws our attention to Lily Allen's blog entry detailing the recent smashing of her car window:


If you see photos in the press or online of my car window being "smashed by vandals", I just want you to know that it was one of the many paparazzi who were following us who did it. There were so many of them hassling us that it is difficult to say which one of them did it but i had to leap in a taxi to get away from them, my friend Emily had to get into the car which was covered in broken glass and drive it away. It was a scary situation and i want people to know that it was totally their fault and that the whole situation has angered and upset me. Emily got cut from sitting on the broken glass and we are both horrified that people could behave in this way and get away with it.

As James points out, surely what's more horrifying than the idea of a photographer smashing a car window is Allen's reaction - "I'm going to get a cab; Emily, you drive my BMW home. Even if you have to sit on some broken glass for a bit."

We're not sure we quite follow how Allen "had to" leap in a taxi to get away anyway - "I'm being hounded; I'm sat in a high-performance car. To make my escape, I shall exit the car, hail a taxi and chug off diesel-style down the street."

Still, it should be easy for Lily to find the culprits - if the car was surrounded by people taking photographs, someone must have caught the incident on camera?


Jack said...

I very much doubt that any evidence of wrongdoing will appear. Assuming everyone taking photos was paparazzi (which I think is a fair assumption to make), I doubt that they'll dob in one of their own lot for doing something that they've no doubt done themselves (or almost done themselves).

Anonymous said...

The comments on her post make for heartwarming reading. 'JENNAMARIA-X <3' (who, along with 97% of other MySpace users, only seems able to take a photo of herself by holding the camera at arm's length above her head) says "Thats horrible. They should give you some privacy!"

Quite right! Lily only wanted a quiet drink with her friend at a small village pub, out of everyone's way in the middle of nowhere. It's a disgrace that they followed her all the way there, just for a photo.

*re-reads article*

Oh. It was the Groucho Club. Um...

*drops camera on head*


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