Sunday, March 02, 2008

Madonna continues to morph into Babs Windsor

As part of her ongoing attempt to buy every building in London, Madonna has bought her local pub, The Punchbowl in Mayfair.

Apparently they bought the pub because they loved it so much. Although, oddly, it seems they don't really love it that much at all:

After clinching the deal last week, the couple are now looking at plans to turn The Punchbowl into a gastro pub or private members club.

Only by buying it can they preserve the pub they love by changing it totally.

Naturally, being Madge and Guy, there's some tiresome connection to the underworld, as the place was owned by the son of Freddie Foreman. The Sunday People reports Foreman is delighted that Madonna is the new landlord:
Freddie Foreman said: "It's great news. Madonna and Guy are a lovely couple and I've met them a few times at the pub. It's a gorgeous place. Guy likes to have a pint and watch Arsenal"

How delightful to be endorsed by someone who used to make a living shoving a gun into security guards' faces and threatening to kill them if they didn't hand over the money.