Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Managerobit: Chase Tatum

Chase Tatum, road manager of Outkast, has been found dead in hisBuckhead, Georgia apartment.

Prior to turning his hand to hip-hop management, Tatum had been a wrestler with the now-defunct World Campionship Wrestling Organisation; it's possible that his career of theatrical sport led to his persistent back problems; the back problems led to surgery; the surgery led to painkillers and, sadly, an apparently accidental overdose of painkillers led to his death.

His entry into wrestling had been through a client of his body-building business; his career lasted just over two years with a crocked back and no health insurance to pay for it to be fixed. His work with Outkast (and especially as Big Boi's personal assistant) had helped him turn things around; a part in the movie Who's Your Caddy had brought him to notice of producers planning a movie to be shot in New York.

His father claimed that Tatum had planned to enter rehab to cope with his painkiller addiction. He was 34.


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