Sunday, March 23, 2008

Nelson Mandela: What has he done to deserve this?

Showbiz Zoe with the Zoe Showbiz in today's Sunday Mirror has words to strike terror into Nelson Mandela's heart:

Telly babe Fearne Cotton is preparing for her biggest interview yet - Nelson Mandela.

ITV bosses lined her up to chat to the South African icon at his 90th birthday after being impressed by the way she handled the Princes at The Concert for Diana.

Okay, so going "wow... wasn't James Blunt amazing" is hardly going to call for a Dimbleby, but who would choose Fearne Cotton above all other sentient beings as the perfect person to talk to the hero of the ANC?


Anonymous said...

*Grandpa Simpson voice* The following is a list of people I'd prefer to see interviewing Nelson Mandela:
- Andrew Marr
- Jon Snow
- Graham Norton
- Ant and/or Dec
- Boris Johnson
- Rob McElwee
- Frank Sidebottom
- Stuart White off of Look East
- Metal Mickey
- That animated newsreader from Ananova
- Crazy Frog
- The Lovely Debbie McGee
- Knock-off Nigel
- Junior Simpson
- Las Ketchup
- Carrie and David Grant
- Squidward Tentacles
- Hot Gossip
- Jimmy Krankie
- Doctor Fox
- Liam Fox
- Samantha Fox
- The Fox off of the Foxy Bingo adverts
- Fox News (if Bingo Fox not available)
- The Kids from Degrassi Street
- Jeremy Spake
- Ian Krankie

Ben.H said...

- Justin Lee Collins
- Judge Judy
- Judge Dredd
- Lily Allen
- Wayne Rooney
- Keith Allen
- Mark E. Smith
- Churchill the nodding insurance dog
- Natasha Kaplinsky
- A dalek
- Leona Lewis
- Piakchu
- Danny Tourette
- Gwen Stefani
- One of Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Girls
- Neil and Christine Hamilton
- The door bitch from the Hawley Arms
- Vicky Pollard
- Hu Jintao
- Milky Joe
- Andrew Flintoff after a bender
- Chris Crocker
- Steven Seagal
- Paula Abdul
- Eugène Terre'Blanche
- My ex-wife
- My ex-wife's lawyer
- Bono

Anonymous said...

- Tony Dortie
- Ken Hom
- Joe Dolce's Music Theatre
- Papa Smurf
- Peppa Pig
- Andy Crane
- Bobby Ball
- Posh Paws
- Mike Yarwood
- Timmy Mallet
- That blond cockney bloke off of Quizcall
- The Great Soprendo
- Renee and/or Renata
- Peter Simon
- That man who threw an egg at John Prescott
- Tim Kash's Mum
- My Mum
- Bodger
- Doc Cox
- Champion the Wonder Horse
- Handy Andy
- Andy Pandy
- Ghandi

Anonymous said...

Danni Behr

Anonymous said...

I heard Fearne use the word "amazing" so many times during one particular broadcast that I was sorely tempted to send her a thesaurus.

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