Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pitchfork goes televisual

Can't people leave their brands unextended for five bloody minutes these days? Pitchfork has just announced it's getting into television, if you can call an online channel television. (We've read that supplement from the Guardian yesterday twice, and we're still not sure.)

The idea is a little more high concept than NME TV:

As a visual extension of the music coverage Pitchfork has provided for more than a decade, and a means of updating and advancing the music television format, the online channel will bring you closer to the artists you love: through original mini-documentaries, secret rooftop and basement sessions, full concerts, exclusive interviews, and the most carefully curated selection of music videos online.

In addition, Pitchfork.tv will become the first online video channel to screen full-length feature films, vintage concerts, and music DVDs free of charge. From the Pixies' 2004 reunion tour film LoudQuietLoud and Todd Phillips' notorious GG Allin documentary Hated, to Jimmy Joe Roche & Dan Deacon's acid-drenched visual art piece Ultimate Reality, Pitchfork.tv will highlight a different film each week in its entirety.

In other words, it's going to be an attempt to actually transfer the Pitchfork ethos into a video channel, rather than just choosing one or two of its most popular bands, playing their videos over and over, and slapping on a logo.