Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Kasabian LP: can you wait?

If you'd been expecting Kasabian album three to be pretty much like the first two, think again. To judge by Serge's latest insight, it could actual be more akin to The Second Coming. As in a wee bit overblown:

"In a way it's a concept album, like a soundtrack to some mad film. It's like a really good road movie, yeah a road movie...that's what I'd say."

That would be a mad road movie, then. But a good one. Is there something odd about a man talking about a concept album without being able to define what the concept actually is?

There's more:
"We built our own studio which has freed us up massively. We've really been experimenting on this album. The first three tracks we've done are twenty minutes long!

"Music's stuck in a reality at the moment and we're going the other way, back into experimentation without structure which is hypnotic and sends you into a trance. It's very psychadelic, real head music that bends you around."

If anyone can send you drifting off, it's certainly Kasabian. We've nodded off during their music more than once. But we're going to pay attention to this - we're looking forward to someone playing music that is simultaneously hypnotic and without structure.