Sunday, March 09, 2008

Tattoo you

Showbizwithzoe's Zoe Showbiz in the brings intelligence from the Martin-Paltrow marriage. They're alright, it seems, because Paltrow went to get a tattoo:

Gwyneth Paltrow has had the letter 'C' tattooed on her hip to show her commitment to hubby Chris Martin.
It should end mounting speculation that all is not well between Chris and Gwyneth after five years of marriage.

Yes, that'll work. Now - like you, and like Zoe out the Showbiz Zoe column, I have no idea if there's any problems between Paltrow and Martin. But getting a letter tattooed seems more an attempt to convince someone of something than a sign that's all well.

And wouldn't just having a 'c' leave room for frequent revisions? You could close it up to make an O if you started having an affair with Orlando Bloom? Or even turned into an eye of a kestrel at some point in the future?

And Zoe doesn't even know it was a C anyway:
Zulu confirmed: "Gwyneth came in last week. But we don't comment on the work that clients have done. A lot of celebrities have visited us."

We love Zulu's commitment to protecting some of the privacy of their clients.