Friday, April 18, 2008

Glastonbury: Dizzee Rascal is surprised

Despite the weeks of Michael Eavis running up to the announcement of Jay-Z as a Glastonbury headline by dropping huge hints that it wasn't going to be wall-to-wall Kings Of Leon, Dizzee Rsacal was surprised:

"It's amazing to me man, as a fan that's just like wow," he added. "I never saw that coming and I could never picture Jay-Z at Glastonbury but it's all good."

It's not just that Rascal is now slightly humped to find that his position as highest-rapper-on-the-bill has been lost which makes Mr. Rascal wonder if the choice is right:
He told 1Xtra: "I don't know if Jay-Z has got that cross over element. Kanye West or Eminem, they've both got that. Jay-Z is a bit of a funny one."

We love the way that Rascal - Britain's foremost rapper - still talks about other rap musicians as if he was working on stock control out the back of Woolworths.


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