Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

A while back, in what we always assumed was a bid to prove that it's better to irritate and be remembered than entertain and be forgotten, John Frieda hair product adverts would finish with two hairstyles screeching in more-or-less harmony. They've stopped doing that now, but the two hairstyles are still going.

It seems that having been on the very end of a commercial gave them a taste for, if not fame, then a slightly glitzier form of obscurity, and Brit and Alex are now striking out to be proper pop stars.

But, hey, they're serious about their music. They've not just come down in the last America's Got Talent auditions:

We grew up listening to everyone from Michael Jackson to Prince to Aretha Franklin

As wide a range as that, eh? It's only a shame they didn't go really wild and listen to a bit of Stevie Wonder as well.

They're friends of Lulu - no, that's not a euphemism:
"It's amazing that she's remained so normal after so many years in the business, and that's inspiring for us. She's still a very nice person so she's a great role model for us to look up to."

Well, yes. Although somehow, we suspect that being normal isn't something that you find very difficult.

Apparently they "cringe" when they think about the advert:

Can't think why.