Sunday, April 13, 2008

Showbiz with Zoe scoops the lot

It's actually a pretty good story from Zoe Showbiz today, that Oasis are being courted for residency at the Millennium Dome. We just struggle with some of the detail - fifteen million quid? Really?

And there's this, too:

A band insider says: "The dates will be a real special event - and the first major rock residency at the O2.

"There have been lots of pop acts there - the Spice Girls and Prince. And Led Zeppelin did one date. But no band has yet set up camp there for a whole run.

"They are lining up 10 dates some time in the autumn at the Dome before taking on the rest of the world."

Prince a "pop act"?

While the idea of Oasis safely tucked away in Greenwich is a pleasing one, we're not sure we can quite take the idea of the Dome being remade as part of the band's self-propagating mythology - the only good thing about Robbie Williams at Knebworth was that it meant the Gallaghers couldn't drone on about their smaller event any more.