Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adele's tangled web

To be honest, we don't think Adele has ever said that she won't lose weight, ever - although her comments about her body shape tend to get reported as if that's what she's said, if you read what she actually said was she wouldn't lose weight because other people tell her she should:

'The press are always trying to bring it up,' she says, regarding me balefully, 'but I really don't give a toss. If I wanted to be on the cover of FHM, then of course I'd be, like, fuck, I need to lose weight or, I need some fake tan or I need to get my teeth fixed. But I'd rather be on the cover of Q for my music.'

Likewise, although Zoe Zoe Showbiz in today's Sunday Mirror heads her story:
Adele wants to lose weight before heading to America

Adele is shortly heading off to the States - so has decided to slim.

the only quote Zoe offers suggests that, actually, all that's happened is Adele is drinking less and the weightloss is a side-effect:
"I haven't had a drink for 20 days and I've noticed the effect."

Which isn't quite the same thing as obsessively slimming in order to please the Americans.