Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Contact Music contradicts itself in seconds

We know there's a load of stuff posted to web of variable quality every second of the day, but are the team at Contact Music even reading their stuff in their head as they write it?

Take, for example, their piece on Martha Wainwright's marriage. Here's what Martha said:

"Female needs are no different from male ones. They want to get laid every night... only not by a different person."

Contact starts out by filtering this into the following:
Canadian singer MARTHA WAINWRIGHT only got married so she could enjoy regular sex.

Now, let's set aside the surprise we might feel at the rather loose reinterpretation of her words, as in the very next sentence, the website contradicts itself:
The 32-year-old wed bass player Brad Alberta last year (07), and admits one of the key reasons she went through with the nuptials was so she no longer needed to worry about her love life.

So, in the space of half a sentence, she's gone from only marrying for the sex, to the sex being one of the reasons she got married.

Actually, let's not set aside the reinterpretation of her words - why would it be an "admission" that one of the reasons you get married is to be always close to another person? Isn't that like saying "she admitted she went swimming to keep fit"?