Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Haven't The Police split once already?

The good Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg has given The Police the keys to New York to mark their career, which he praised in glowing terms, applauding:

“thirty years of staying at the top of your game” over its “long career.”

Of course, the twenty or so years during which the band weren't functioning wasn't an entirely difficult game to be on top of, but we're sure Bloomberg meant well. (Imagine, eh, a major world city with a bungling, over-promoted half-wit as a mayor. Couldn't happen here.)

At the same time, Sting and his friends took the chance to announce that they're calling a day. Again. They'll be playing their "last ever gig" (until the next one) in New York this summer. Presumably now they've got the keys to the city, they wouldn't be able to stop them.