Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Pea on Cheryl Cole

Will I Am was asked a stupid question, to which he gave a polite answer, in an exchange along the lines of 'do you think Cheryl Cole is pretty'/'yes I do'. In fact, he said:

"If Cheryl was single, hell yeah! She'd just have to holler. I saw her a few days ago.

"She's doing good - she was looking hot."

This, clearly, is the same way that you tell a bride she looks radiant, or the bloke in the shop that, were you ten years younger, you'd be asking for his mobile number. Trouble is, he said it to the 3AM Girls, who tend to scale politeness up:
She's a Heartbreaker - so who can blame Will.i.am for having a crush on Girls Aloud's Cheryl Cole?

The producer and Black Eyed Peas star was bowled over by Chez, 24, when she flew to LA to record Heartbreaker with him.

Still, we're delighted to discover that William talks a bit like Danny Kelly:
"Hats off to her for holding it together during shooting the video and still being strong while she was working through everything."

Yes. Hats off, indeed. Although Mr. Am then babbles something meaningless:
"She managed it by being creative through adversity."

Or, perhaps, like the rest of us, she had to get on and do her job despite having the hump.