Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Everclear heading for Git-Mo

Even though we can be harsh in our judgements, when we heard that Everclear were going to Guantanamo Bay, we thought that was overdoing it a little.

It turns out, though, they're playing a gig for the US troops there:

“These two (shows) are important to the band,” said frontman Art Alexakis.

“There are folks in uniform all over the world, and at home, looking out for us -- and to play for them is an honour. Not a bad way to spend the holiday weekends.”

Yes. Poor old troops down in Gitmo, eh? Obviously, it's not quite as bad as being held there without charge, without any indication of how long you'll be there, and without any actual basis in law to your detention.

Some of those being held at the prison were herded into confined spaces and made to listen to very bad rock music played very loud. At least after the Everclear gig, the audience might have some understanding of what that feels like.