Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Madonna on parenting

Madonna - not that anyone asked her - seems to be blaming Britney's parents for the mess she's in now:

"She didn't get to grow up and make mistakes privately and try things out and just be a kid and be innocent. She's been watched, judged and been under a microscope since she's been a teenager. It's hard to evolve that way."

Had she not been being watched, Britney might have evolved differently - gills, perhaps, or the ability to provide clunking monologues to the opening of TV programmes.

But what of Madonna's own parenting skills? Her kids, it seems, wish she didn't work so hard:
She said they actually protest her rigid work schedule. "[They say,] 'When are you coming home?' 'Why are you always working?' 'Why can't you just be like a normal mom?' " Madonna said. "I just remind them about all the things that they have, and that if I didn't do what I did, they wouldn't have those things."

Curious. For all her yakking on about spirituality, it turns out Madonna's answer when the kids say 'why don't you come home?' is 'I'm out getting money'.


Anonymous said...

"if I didn't do what I did, they wouldn't have those things"

I'm pretty certain that if she suddenly chose to retire today (we should be so lucky) that she'd have enough money to keep going for a few weeks without going down the job centre. It's a piss-poor lie to tell your children. What a selfish promotion hungry bitch.

Isn't it interesting that now she's more than willing to admit that she doesn't have enough time for her children. It sort of begs the question, why adopt children that you don't have time for? Selfish promotion hungry bitch.

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