Saturday, May 10, 2008

However shall we fill the time?

Steal yourselves, gentle people of Britain: We're unlikely to see a new Sugababes album this year. They're going to avoid being in a confined space with each other for as long as they possibly can ("they're going to take it slowly"):

"We were supposed to release an album this year and we decided against it," Keisha Buchanan told the Daily Star. "With each album we feel we've produced a better one when we have been given time to write about stuff - and we have been through so much this year alone.

"I think sometimes people forget we do write our own material. Even when we have a co-writer, there can be 12 people writing one sentence and we're writing the bulk of the song. We want to feel inspired."

It's an interesting glimpse into the songwriting process - you do find yourself wondering why, if the Babes are able to write 99% of a song, they feel it necessary to draft in a busload of people to help with the odd line. That would seem a little like Michaelangelo calling in someone to do the skirting boards, wouldn't it?