Thursday, May 15, 2008

Noel accepts Robbie's cast-offs

So this, then, is where all that feuding gets you in the end: Oasis reduced to poaching Robbie Williams' drummer to make up the numbers.

Chris Sharrock, congratulations - if that's the word - on your new job.


Anonymous said...

Is that the same Chris Sharrock who used to play drums for the Icicle Works when I was wee slip of a lad in the early eighties?

That means I now have 2 Oasis related things in my record collection - Ride and the Icies. I feel a bit dirty and wrong now. Oh, well at least I don't have any actual Oasis stuff. And obviously no Heavy Stereo or Hurricane #1 either. Nobody in the world has any Heavy Stereo records do they? Not even their mums.

Anonymous said...

ffs, he's best known for being in the la's. shame noel didnt get neil mavers though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm not having that either. Sharrock's great – The La's and The Icicle Works are plenty good enough. He's also played with World Party, for what that's worth. So what if he drummed for the Fat Dancer? He can't live on fresh air. Shame on you Mr XRRF, save your kickings for someone who deserves it.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

So... I described him as Robbie William's drummer, which you don't think is anything to be ashamed of and simultaneously kicking him?

While I try to square that circle - yes, he's a bloody good drummer. But Andy Bell is a spectacularly talented guitarist. It doesn't alter the fact that they're now playing late-period Gallagher songs for a living.

Anonymous said...

Don't be disingenuous, Simon - you clearly think drumming for R Williams is a Bad Thing, so whether I agree with that or not, you're still trying to administer a kicking. You right a lot of wrongs on this blog but Sharrock's hardly a big-time pop criminal, is he? I can think of several hundred rotters in music who deserve a measure of disdain before him.

Anonymous said...

no matter how awful they both are, i still think him drumming for oasis is marginally better than drumming for williams.

Tim Footman said...

Time for a Pete Frame ZigZag Rock Family Tree here - while Chris Sharrock joins Manchester's greatest Slade tribute band, the latest incarnation of the Icicle Works apparently features the fat, gobby drummer from Dodgy.

Incidentally, Markie, I think I've got a Heavy Stereo '45 hanging around somewhere. And maybe something by 60ft Dolls. But no Hurricane #1, that would be silly.

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