Friday, May 30, 2008

Q radio signs 'that bloke off Loose Ends'

Tucked away in the corners of the Q radio launch schedule are a couple of interesting items, not least the promise of a regular slot for David Quantick. Even although they manage to make the prospect seem less than inviting by describing it as "a mix of music and the presenter's wry take on life." Which makes him sound like Terry Wogan.

The Q Radio programme director, Rik Blaxill, said the station will be "about delivering some welcome surprises with a broad palette of music, comedy and lifestyle programming and with new names finding a home next to established talent".

Lifestyle programming? Since the new-version Q Radio is meant to be more closely aligned with the magazine, does this mean we can expect recipes and interior design tips alongside the Coldplay interviews in the future?


Anonymous said...

'The presenter's wry take on life' - Ugh. That phrase is up there with '...takes a sideways look at...'. Both phrases which never seem too far away from the words 'Stuart' and 'Maconie'.

Love the Quantick though. Bumped into him in a bar once and had a nice chat. Was overjoyed when I met him again a while later and he remembered my name.

We talked about official-merchandise 'Ramones' clocks, I recall.

Anonymous said...

Quantick's not far off brand status now - a bit of Quantick's what you need; Quantick it... A good comedy writer indeed.

Jack said...

As much as I do like David Quantick, it does seem like Q Radio is trying to be what 6Music decided it wanted to be with the hiring of Russell Brand, which in turn was XFM from a year previously.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Which at least puts them ahead of NME radio, which seems to be XFM circa 2002.

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