Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Q retunes

Q Radio - which has up to now been a fairly successful bunch of records played back-to-back - is about to have an exciting, extensive, expensive relaunch:

Q Radio programme director Ric Blaxill, the former head of programmes at BBC 6Music, said Q Radio would be a "living, breathing version of Q magazine - and some".

"We are working with a variety of established and new artists to provide us with exclusive content which is testimony to the power of the Q brand.

"There will be exclusive live sets which only Q could secure, alongside unique opportunities for the audiences to interact with our presenters and the bands themselves."

Now, it's a launch statement, so we'd expect a certain amount of hyperbole - and we shan't be cruel and ask why Blaxill doesn't believe that Q magazine is a living, breathing version of Q magazine - but "exclusives which only Q could secure"? Come on, Ric, the magazine might be competing with Clash and Uncut, but Q radio is competing with the BBC. Are you really saying there are artists who'd turn down a Radio 1 or Radio 2 slot but would jump at a chance to broadcast on Q?

And unique opportunities to interact with presenters, eh? Given that most stations can't get more than two seconds without a slew of emails and texts, we're presuming Q presenters will deal with incoming telepathy from the audience.