Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Usher misses the point

Who knew that a Noel Gallagher remark could be too complex to understand? Turns out, though, that Usher had difficulty grasping the point of Noel's 'Jay-Z wrong for Glastonbury' thought-leak and has decided that Noel meant Jay-Z wasn't headline material at all:

"It really shocked me that he said that. Jay-Z is an incredible artist and headliner. I saw him perform at the Hollywood Bowl in LA, and you're not getting better than that."

The Hollywood Bowl is a little like Glastonbury, although, of course, the herd of cows that graze on the Bowl site between shows are bred for beef rather than milk like the Worthy Farm beasts.

Still, nice to see that no matter how ill-informed and dunderheaded a quote is, there's always someone happy to lower the bar still further.