Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Doherty: Drugs, me? Never

Pete Doherty has celebrated his release from jail by giving an interview to NME.com denying stories he was on drucks inside the jail:

"I managed to stay clean. I got my certificate. I was going to Sellotape it to the wall, but they wouldn't give me any Sellotape," he said. "Did I take heroin inside? Complete rubbish. The prison didn't release statements – it's their policy to ignore it rather than acknowledge it [media reports].

"I was in segregation for the last three weeks. They call it the block. Supposedly I was in debt to loads of big time drug dealers. All I'll say to that is: chance would be a fine thing."

Now, you wouldn't expect someone whose freedom relies on being clean to emerge from jail and start trilling about his drugs intake inside, would you?

Somewhat oddly, the NME report also highlights the word sellotape in the report. Twice, so it's not a mistake or anything. Equally oddly, Doherty doesn't explain why he was put into segregation.

Pete claims that his time inside was hell:
"I got trouble from the start, from the inmates and the guards, mainly shouting at night really," he explained. "Some people were saying 'Keep your head down', the other half were saying 'Keep your chin up'. So I was a bit like a nodding dog – I didn't know whether to keep my chin up or keep my head down. It was 18-day early release – I can't complain really."

Is it just us, or is being advised to keep your head down or chin up not quite the same thing as "getting trouble"? If that's hassle, then we're now viewing Jiminy Cricket as some sort of insect-like Reggie Kray figure.