Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You Got It (Again)

More to be excited about - once you get past the feeling very, very old of hearing that Mudhoney are celebrating their twentieth anniversary, that is. To mark the two-decade point, they're releasing a double-pack special birthday edition of Superfuzz Bigmuff.

1. Touch Me I'm Sick
2. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
3. Twenty Four
4. Need
5. Chain That Door
6. Mudride
7. No One Has
8. If I Think
9. In 'n' Out of Grace
10.The Rose
11.Hate the Police
12.You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face)
13.Burn It Clean
15.Need (demo)
16.Mudride (demo)
17.In 'n' Out of Grace (demo)
1. No One Has (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
2. Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
3. Need (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
4. Chain That Door (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
5. If I Think (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
6. Mudride (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
7. Here Comes Sickness (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
8. Touch Me I'm Sick (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
9. In 'n' Out of Grace (live in Berlin 10/10/88)
10.Mudride (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
11.Here Comes Sickness (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
12.No One Has (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
13.By Her Own Hand (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
14.Touch Me I'm Sick (live at KCSB 11/16/88)
15.Dead Love (live at KCSB 11/16/88)

The world, we realise, will fall into those that want every version possible of Touch Me I'm Sick, and those who can happily rub by without any whatsoever. If you're in the latter group, you probably won't be interested in this, from 2006:

This was from the Dour Festival in Belguim.