Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Barat's out

With Amy Winehouse released under doctor's orders - and being snapped smoking a fag as she drove away from the hospital - it's better news to hear that Carl Barat has also been discharged:

"I am feeling much better, almost as good as I ever do. It's not as bad as I thought, it appears that the pancreatitis was probably caused by a combination of the medication I was talking (for congestion that I still get after my ear operation) and maybe the odd drink too many.

"I was discharged from hospital at the weekend, which was liberating. I have been told to take it easy this week and I shan't be over exerting myself, which may be difficult as the LP is out next week and there are rehearsals to be had. Anyways, as long as I behave I should be right as rain (back to full health) before you know it."

We love that he explained the meaning of 'right as rain' - presumably in case there were any Baltic web moderators reading.