Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cathal Coughlan Weekend: Blues For Ceaucescu

Of course, when the Fatima Mansions did this on a Peel Session, a nervous BBC made them change the line about "Dickie Mountbatten" into "somebody famous" - almost as if linking a senior member of the Royal Family to the Kincora child abuse scandal was going to be a problem of some sort. This story never gets mentioned when they make programmes about banned records on Radio One, perhaps because it doesn't feature Mike Read; or, more likely, that nobody much wants to mention 'Prince Charles' godfather' and 'child abuse scandal' in the same breath.

Wonderfully, under the video on YouTube someone has posted this angry comment:

What does this have to do with Ceausescu?

Bah! Just when I was hoping for some footage of a despotic madman overseeing parades and throwing the mentally ill into orphanages, I get some pop music instead...

Assuming you know what you're after, here's the video:

[Part of Cathal Coughlan weekend]