Friday, June 20, 2008

Craig David loves his comedy version

Back in last November, Craig David attempted a relaunch of his career by moaning on about how Avid Merrion's caricature ruined everything.

Now, he's attempting another relaunch, this time by pretending that he didn't mind it all:

"I'm not angry about Bo' Selecta! I was flattered at first and even appeared on his show, but he just went on to become more vicious, knocking down everything I did. People would come up to me on the street and say, 'Craiig Daavid' in that northern accent, but I didn't mind - it was like they had a form of Tourette syndrome. But it was the only thing I was becoming associated with. Even if people liked my records, I felt they might not buy them because I wasn't cool. People expected me to be sad, but I'm not at all. It didn't hurt me, but it hurt the brand."

Yes, he did just describe himself as a brand - let's not be too quick to judge him for that. Even Dosmestos is, at the heart of it, a brand. Even Happy Shopper.

But you can hear the teeth firmly gritted as he attempts to try and lessen the impression he gave last time of a slightly obsessed bad loser by suggesting he took it on the chin - the big, rubbery chin.

Trouble is, whether he really hated Bo Selecta, or just doesn't want people to think he did anymore, he's still giving interviews in 2008 about a parody someone stopped doing four years ago. When people's first thought of you is 'oh, they used to rip the piss out of him back in the past', you might wonder if there's much point in trying to relaunch all over again.

Presumably, this is how Jo Grimmond felt when Mike Yarwood used to take the rise.