Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Indieobit: Nick Sanderson

According to Jesus and Mary Chain fansites, Nick Sanderson has died.

Nick's first major role was drumming for Clock DVA's second incarnation for a single album in the mid-1980s; while Clock DVA continued without him, Sanderson jumped ship to work with the Gun Club, sticking through to the recording of the Divinity sessions.

Continuing a knack for joining quality cult acts, Nick next surfaced in World Of Twist towards the end of the Manchester act's never-quite reign; when Tony Ogden disbanded WOT, Gordon King invited Sanderson to drum for his new project, Earl Brutus. Sanderson also took on the front role of singer, joining the short rollcall of singing drummers. More commercially successful than the Twist (though that's not saying much), the band never quite managed to warm critics (although Wikipedia will tell you the opposite) and despite the unwavering support of the Evening Session, more or less stopped at the end of the last century, save for one reunion set during Ken Livingstone's second mayoral campaign.

Sanderson then joined up with Munki-era Jesus And Mary Chain, continuing to work with Jim Reid through the Mary Chain haitus in Freeheat, persevering with a project that took seven years to work its way up to a debut album, 2006's Back On The Water.

Freeheat's American Label Planting Seeds has confirmed Nick's death; no further details have been released.

[Thanks to Simon T for the news]