Saturday, June 14, 2008

Josh Homme is getting upset

The peaceful nature of the Norwegian Wood festival was shattered when Josh Homme got a little annoyed at someone throwing something at the stage:

"Do me one favor, though. Don't throw any shit at me. You throw something at me, I'm not so sick that I can't go down there and beat the fucking shit out of you, you know what I'm saying?! I may have a fucking 102 temperature and been puking for three days, but I'll still butt-fuck you in front of all your friends."

We're at a loss to understand why Homme's suddenly decided that sex with a celebrity is a bad thing, but it's handy to know that if you fancy a spot of anal with Joshie, all you need to do is lob something at him while he's singing.

Seriously, though: someone's thrown something at you and think that threatening to rape them is a justifiable response? There's an interesting lack of proportion.

But Josh hadn't finished:
Hey, you, right there — hey, you, with the fucking hat on! Hey, pussy! Turn around, you fucking pussy with the black hair! Turn the fuck around, you chickenshit fucking f****t! Hey, you — you fucking pussy motherfucker! I will fuck you up! C'mon up here! C'mon up here, you fucking little f****t! You know what?! Get your fucking ass up here! You're so fucking stupid you'll come up here. Lift him up so that I can kick him in the fucking face. [Throws something at the alleged 'shit-thrower'] Invisible fucking cunt. Go back to your mom's house, you 12-year-old dickless fucking turd! And his friends, you wanna throw something too or are you all cool? You're all good? You know this dickless fucking turd has no friends anyway, man. I came here for the rest of you — not for this asshole."

We've left the asterisks from Blabbermouth's report in - we usually don't, but we just thought it funny that they judged their readers to be quite happy to see motherfuckers and cunts and references to anal rape in a report, but would be upset to read the word faggot.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're aware (either way, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts) but he does this at practically every single show. Which doesn't make it any better, mind you; it's just a completely different flavour of disappointment, as it's not a case of an overly precious performer lashing out at a less-than-respectful member of the crowd, but a rather sad regular fixture of an otherwise excellent live show.

There's no way he could be unaware that people are throwing things on stage precisely BECAUSE they know they'll get exactly this sort of rise out of him; it was on the live DVD, fer Chrissakes. It's a self-perpetuating "rock 'n' roll hard man" image thing, pure and simple, and so long as he refuses to drop the act for long enough to even mention the safety risk of, say, throwing an open water bottle at a stage full of electrical equipment (or at least refer to the tired predictability of it all), that's all it'll ever be.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

It's schtick rather than reactive, then?

I think that makes it worse. To look like an idiot when you lose your rag is something that I think all of us could manage; to have a script in your head and still use rape as a threat and homosexuality as an insult is unforgivable.


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