Monday, June 16, 2008

Lamb chops

Also in today's G2, Laura Barton files a sympathetic interview with George Lamb. It's true that - on paper - Lamb doesn't sound bad, almost affable. But you can't help but still feel that, if he's right for 6Music (or at least daytime on 6), the station is moving in a direction that will make it a very different station. For example, Lamb says:

[I]f I put on music it's to block out everything. And I listen to melodies more than to lyrics."

Which isn't a crime, but is a strange approach to someone presenting music on a station that prided itself on being "closer to the music that matters".

And, describing his show, he says:
[I]f you're trying to do boundary-pushing content, sometimes that will happen

Suddenly it makes sense - you're not listening to a music fan sharing records with you on a radio show, you're tuned into a bloke trying to do boundary-pushing content.