Sunday, June 15, 2008

Plenty more room... well, more tickets, anyway

Despite SeeTickets exciting trumpeting of an increase in sales last week, with Glastonbury so close even The Kings Of Leon have accepted that it wasn't a joke and they are going to have to play a set after all, Michael Eavis has revealed there's still 7000 tickets left unsold:

"I think we've got about 7000 tickets left, that's all. With only 2 weeks left to go its forecast glorious sunshine and they are selling out all the time. So they should take about ten days to sell out."

Interesting way of defining "selling out" as something that can happen "all the time", of course.

Curiously, the extended 10-day forecast for the area (of course, no self-respecting forecaster would be predicting weather for the actual weekend so far in advance) doesn't predict glorious sunshine at all - it's rain or cloudy for the next ten days.