Friday, June 20, 2008

QTrax has another difficult launch

You'll recall QTrax, the free music service which launched with some fanfare and claims of deals with the majors earlier this year only to have the majors deny it.

Well, they've launched again - for PC using Americans only.

Or maybe not even them, as Ars technica reports:

Signup and installation of the client for "the world's first free and legal P2P music download network" went without a hitch. Qtrax is only available in the US for now, and then only on Windows (a Mac client is on its way) at its re-re-relaunch. After getting the company's client up and running, we were surprised by what appears to be yet another false start. Everything in the store works—artist banners are plugged into the main storefront, searching for artists returns respectable results, and advertising is alive and well—but clicking to preview or download a track simply does nothing. The store reported over 6,000 users online during our testing, but we aren't sure if any of them are having better luck than we are.

Admittedly, this is only being flagged as a Beta launch - which is geek for "we haven't tested this properly" or "we have tested this, but it doesn't work" - but since this is the third time round for QTrax, you'd have thought they'd have realised from their already tattered reputation that they need to take care to build confidence of those who still believe. Perhaps they got the team in?