Monday, January 28, 2008

MIDEM 2008: QTrax misses launch

QTrax - the 'legal' peer-to-peer service - is starting to fall apart already: it missed the midnight in New York launch (although, if you use a Mac, it's asking you to wait until March 18th anyway); more worryingly, QTrax's claims to have all the majors onboard has been denied by Warners, EMI and Universal. Sony BMG haven't said they've not given permission; but they've not yet confirmed they have, either.

PaidContent's vedict, looking at the expensive marketing push in Midem and the short-fall in actual service? This is SpiralFrog all over again.


Anonymous said...

Agreed - Spiral Frog spring to mind, as do a whole series of miscreants from, the legal Audiogalaxy and a host of others.

Some work, and some don't. Have you seen this?


Raiden Skylar said...

hey now you guys shouldn't be bashing them so badly now...

Yea apparently they don't know how to FTP an update to their website, but Qtrax DID IN FACT LAUNCH last night... just on the blog that is...:)


the link for the DL is there, its roughly 10 Mb,

I'm playing with it right now, definitly a new idea, plays very closely to the original P2P setup tech wise, but has some interesting opportunities,

- Thapeacemak3r

Raiden Skylar said...

BTW - be forewarned "download coming soon" LOL

simon h b said...

Hmmm... so it's "a new idea" that's "close to the original P2P set-up".

They're a company working at the bleeding edge of technology, but can't manage to update their website?

And the link turns up on an unofficial website hosted on blogspot - with a direct link to .exe file?

How reckless would you have to be to click on that link?

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