Friday, June 06, 2008

Scouts don't live up to promise

They're going to play the existing dates next month, but after that, the members of I Was A Cub Scout will be saying they were I Was A Cub Scout:

"Hello friends, here goes. Tonight (June 5) we have decided that I Was A Cub Scout has and must now come to a close. We have had countless problems over the past year or so and with yet more occurring we it best to end on what would seem like a decent note.

"We will be honouring all of our UK shows of which we have confirmed, with the iTunes festival at KOKO with Death Cab For Cutie on July 14 being our last.

"We will speak more of it all soon, but for now we must tour. It is a very sad day for us."

It's thought that there was some sort of an argument over a woggle.