Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bobby Gillespie: Gary Glitter touched me when I was a kid

Not like that, though. Musically:

"Listen to [Glitter's] songs again and see what you think. 'Do You Wanna Touch Me', 'Rock And Roll (Part 2)', 'I Didn't Know I Loved You (’Til I Saw You Rock ’N’ Roll)' are ecstatic and fantastic.

"Those records are better than The Beatles."

"When I was a little kid, I heard those songs on the radio and I loved them. I still love them.

"What The Beatles were for people in the '60s is what glam rock was for us. We love Glitter, we love Bolan, we love Roxy, we love Suzi Quatro."

And yet, when Gillespie started making music, it sounded more like the Velvets than glam rock. Funny, that.


Olive said...

It doesn't explain that rather puzzling 'Status Quo' phase they went through either.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing with Gillespie, he trots out who his influences were to fit the next album, in 4 albums time (heaven forbid he makes another 4) he will be telling us that he grew up in a house filled with half man half biscuit.

Laura Brown said...

Is Bobby Gillespie trying to pretend he wasn't alive in the '60s, then?

Anonymous said...

I've lost my place with Primal Scream albums, could someone possibly help me? I know they follow a strict sequence whereby an album of unlistenable overblown electrodirge is followed by one of Virgin Radio-friendly 'Best Driving Anthems Ever' rock. Which one are we on now?

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