Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Gruff Rhys: Lydon attack was unprovoked

Gruff Rhys has told MTV news that Kele Okereke's side of the story of being attacked by John Lydon's chums was, from where he was standing, the true one:

“It was horrific. Kele is a very brave man and what he said is exactly what happened.

“The statements Kele has said are absolutely true. It did happen.”

Presumably, though, Gruff would also be characterised as "jealous" by Lydon. Or maybe even as a h8r.


Jack said...

If I was Gruff Rhys, assuming he was there (I've no reason to believe he wasn't) I'd be slightly pissed off that the Guardian decided I wasn't famous enough to be mentioned as present when members of Foals were said to have been there.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Isn't it more that Foals and Kaiser Chiefs went to help while - we can only assume - Rhys didn't?

Certainly Drowned In Sound's first report mentioned he was there:
Mystery Jets, Neon Neon and Har Mar Superstar, all of whom saw what unfolded

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