Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lily Allen: Who'd have thought?

Firstly, Lily, it's Who'd have Known, not Who'd of Known, isn't it?

Secondly, putting a song on the internet doesn't mean you don't have to clear samples of any copyright infringement - didn't the BPI teach you anything?

So, then, Lily has put up a song which she cheerfully admits is based on a Take That tune and charmingly trills:

"I ripped off the chorus from Take That and I can't be bothered with the paperwork."

As if she's responsible for her own paperwork - after a hard day thinking up a rhyme for Waitrose, she then sits down at a big desk, by candlelight, making sure all sources are acknowledged.

Still, it's great to hear that - from Allen's perspective - copyright ceases to exist if you only use the stolen material on the internet. Let's hope she's not planning on too many people buying her second album...


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