Monday, July 21, 2008

Lydon: this charming man

We expect it's only a matter of time before we get the 'plausible explanation' for this, but for now we've only got Kele Okereke's side of what happened at Summercase Festival in Barcelona.

Okereke asked Lydon about the chances of a PIL reunion, which Lydon described as showing a "black attitude" (no, us neither) before standing back to allow his entourage to beat Okereke up. Lydon hurt more than the bruises, says Okereke:

"It's not an issue of the physical assault, even though it was an unprovoked attack. It is the fact that race was brought into the matter so readily. Someone as respected and as intelligent as Lydon should know better than to bring race into the equation, or socialise with and encourage those who hold such narrow-minded attitudes. I am disappointed that someone I held with such high regard turns out to be such a bigot."

Although we've not got a very high opinion of Lydon, we had always assumed that beneath the self-importance and desire to make a myth of himself, his heart was at least in the right place. Even that seems over-hopeful today.

The one amusing aspect of a sordid evening is that the attack took place in front of fifty or so members of indie royalty:
Mystery Jets, Neon Neon and Har Mar Superstar, all of whom saw what unfolded

And Ricky Wilson and Foals' Yannis Philippakis were the heroes of the hour, wading in to try and pull Lydon's thugs off Kele. Ricky Wilson a hero of the hour. Who ever would have thought?


Jonathan said...

According to The Guardian, the 'black attitude' comment came from one of Lydon's entourage, not from Lydon himself. But after the thing last month where Lydon was acccused of punching a woman in the face, it's getting pretty hard to make allowances for his despicable behaviour.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling to believe that I want Ricky Wilson rewarded in someway.

Unknown said...

Wasn't John Lydon also introducing songs with complaints about political correctness? Could it be that the gulf from cantankerous punk rocker to cantankerous reactionary isn't that great, especially if the punk rocker wasn't in it for the radical politics in the first place?

Paul said...

Yiannis from Foals mentioned that he'd been in a fight with Lydon from the stage at Latitude yesterday, and then dedicated Cassius to "Lydon's meatheads".

Anonymous said...

John Lydon's response make it sound like a completely different incident. I *do* hope Mr. Okereke presses charges.

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