Saturday, July 12, 2008

Max Mosley won't be taking Lemmy's calls for a while

It's not entirely news that Lemmy has got a bunch of Nazi stuff, or, indeed, for him to be photographed dressed up in Nazi outfits.

Unfortunately, he's been using a photo of himself tricked out like a Nazi to promote a gig in Germany this weekend. Which - in a country which is quite sensitive about these things - is actually illegal.

The Guardian has dug out some thoughts Lemmy has shared about his love of the former Master Race:

"I don't only collect Nazi stuff, I collect objects from all the Axis countries."

Ah. That's alright then.
"Also from countries who aren't even mentioned anymore as former parts of the Axis. Like Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Hungary."

We're sure the Latvian people will be delighted that you're ensuring their part in the Second World War gets the full attention it deserves, Lemmy.
"From the beginning of time, the bad guys always had the best uniforms. Napoleon, the Confederates, the Nazis. They all had killer uniforms. I mean, the SS uniform is fucking brilliant! They were the rock stars of that time. What you're gonna do? They just look good."

The echo of Bryan Ferry's "not that I'm a Nazi but, ooh, did you see their building work" is, we're almost certain, unintentional.

There's not a great deal thought going on anywhere here, to be honest:
"It's not a nationalistic kind of thing. Don't tell me I'm a Nazi 'cause I have uniforms. In 1967 I had my first black girlfriend and a lot more ever since then. I just don't understand racism, I never thought it was an option."

Some of your best dates were black, were they, Lemmy? It's interesting to see him treat racism as if it might be a choice - like deciding to try country music or sample a sushi bar. "I might have a go at racism today, then."

German prosecutors are investigating if Lemmy should be prosecuted, but it's unlikely he will be: it'd be like prosecuting a cat for looking a bit like Hitler.

[Thanks to James M for the link]


Laura Brown said...

I remember an interview in Q about eight years ago where he also trotted out the "black girlfriends" line, and then went on to say of the Holocaust, "I think half of it's true and half of it isn't." I guess he's lucky his fans are too stupid to care.

Anonymous said...

I once spilled Lemmy's pint. He gave me a look that seemed to me to betray a sudden urge to invade Poland.

Olive said...

...the Nazis. They all had killer uniforms. I mean, the SS uniform is fucking brilliant!

Wasn't the SS uniform designed by Hugo Boss? I'll admit that the SS uniform is pretty stylish, but it's hardly relevant is it? Are we to forgive Stalin because he had a nice singing voice? Give the Khmer Rouge a pass because they always remembered their mums' birthdays?

Lemmy has being trotting out this tired old schtick for years. It's not shocking or edgy. Ignore the sad old twat.

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