Friday, July 18, 2008

Ministry rebrands: No longer about Sound

The world of diminishing returns has persuaded the people in charge of Ministry of Sound to rebrand.

Ideas they considered were Department Of Dance Catalogue Compilation CDs; Yes We Are Still Going Actually Why Don't You Go And Be Sarcastic Outside Cream's Offices Instead and MinSound 2.0. Instead, they've gone with MSHK.

No, they really have. Apparently this is to reflect, um, something:

According to the independent music powerhouse, the name-change mirrors its diversification into new revenue streams, which now include HedKandi branded toiletries, camping equipment and audio hardware.

"Independent music powerhouse", we should point out, was Billboard's phrase. So, they're licensing a name to manufacturers of intimate hygiene wipes or something, so they need to change the name of the company? Is that out of shame?