Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Sandie Shaw say 'John, no more'

Sandie Shaw has delivered the sort of eye-rolling, withering put-down of John Lydon that he desperately wishes he was able to dish out to others:

"The biggest gaffe of the [Mojo Awards] evening was by Johnny Rotten. He has turned into a very odd caricature of his former Sex Pistols self.

"When given his award he insulted and swore at everyone present. While this may have gone down well during the punk era, it is out of step with these pragmatic times.

"Some things just don't age well."

There's the wider question, of course, of why he turned up to pick up the prize anyway - after all, didn't he refuse to accept the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gong because it was putting him in a museum? Then again, if you want the attention, there's no press coverage in sending a sarky note to the Mojo organisers in quite the same way.