Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Not that Elton John has no sense of humour, or anything

The over-touchy Elton John is sending solicitor's letters to The Guardian, because he was unamused by a humorous piece in the Weekend Magazine. The Independent reruns the offending passage:

"Naturally, everyone could afford just to hand over the money if they gave that much of a toss about Aids research – as could the sponsors," it read. "But we like to give guests a preposterously lavish evening, because they're the kind of people who wouldn't turn up for anything less... Once we've subtracted all these costs, the leftovers go to my foundation. I call this care-o-nomics."

The Indie reckons that "sources close to the singer" found this "unpleasant", bristling at the idea that such an event could be spoken of in such terms.

Mind you, if Elton was really that upset by the suggestion that this was the super-rich burning through cash in the name of charity, he might want to take a look gushing press release issued by sponsors Chopard:
Caroline Gruosi-Scheufele

The Chopard Co-President chose for the occasion a stunning High Jewellery necklace of her own creation consisting of a large sapphire set in a pave diamond collar. [...]

A true lover of white diamonds, Elizabeth Hurley picked a unique fancy shaped diamond Tiara totalling an impressive 192.2ct. She set off this one of a kind piece with diamond drop line earrings and a diamond cuff bracelet. [...]

Upon arrival guests followed an enchanting Chopard walkway through a tree-lined avenue where they were surrounded by hundreds of carats of diamonds dramatically displayed en route to the Italian Terrace and gardens where a truly magical evening began. [...]

he “Woodside Beach Club” also boasted its own “muscle beach” of bodybuilders pumping iron, a courtyard of incredible Chopard ice sculptures, a surfside hippy camp, a customised VW campervan-come-psychedelic DJ booth, and a lavish bar serving four exotic Grey Goose martinis created by David Furnish especially for the occasion. Dinner was served in a spectacular marquee featuring an aquarium bar and an incredible sunset backdrop which gradually developed in real-time throughout the evening on a 40 Metre wide panoramic screen before eventually progressing into a stunning star-lit night. Guests dined amidst lavender and sand filled storm candles and enjoyed a lavish menu of:

Oscietra caviar, camomile tea smoked fish and duck egg tart with avocado and parsley purees

Stone black bass with a warm salad of new potatoes, raw artichokes, fava beans shaved shallots, red and yellow tomatoes, liliput capers and pea veloute

“Californian Gold Rush” chocolate blackout cake with smooth milk chocolate mousse masked in rich dark chocolate, wrapped in gold leaf with golden nugetts and malted milk cream quarters...

Both The Guardian and the press release represent very rich people enjoying a lavish event with the balance going to charity; the Guardian seems to have got a solicitors letter not on the detail, but for failing to fawn.